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Welcome to my site.  This site is for anyone interested in MLM Network Marketing.

I’ll be sharing tips on how to become a leader in network marketing here.

The first step is to know what resources you already have available to you from the company and your upline.  No reason to re-create what is already done for you.
Some of the key items you’ll want to make sure is available to your team to ensure compliant duplication are:


  • Product marketing materials and proper usuage
  • How to purchase the product(s)
  • Is there a Preferred Customer Program and how does it work
  • Training on how to share the product(s) with prospects
  • What are the requirements to sign up as a distributor
  • Compensation plan training
  • Back office training

If they aren’t already available as a leader you will find a way to either create them yourself or find someone to create them for your team.